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In full heart of the Mayan Riviera there is a beautiful destination that today has become one of the most famous beaches of Mexico: Playa del Carmen. A place that until a few years ago was a small fishing village and the main one boarding port to the magical island of Cozumel. Currently Playa del Carmen has become a cosmopolitan paradise that attracts thousands of foreigners of all nationalities year after year and this multicultural mix has given life to a place with a unique lifestyle, making it one of the cities with the highest growth in Mexico and recognized for its hospitality and beauty worldwide.

AWA PLAYACARESIDENCES will be operated as an independent residential complex

With its own and local managements for this development, vacation rental office, as well as a concierge service, maintenance and other added services.
“The entire amenities of this development are designed to make your day to day unique and a multi-sensory and satisfying experience. Here you will find everything you need to enjoy life in the company of your loved ones or, to meditate and give yourself a moment alone.

AWA PLAYACARESIDENCES is the ideal place to enjoy life and the future of your dreams.

In units ranging from one to three bedrooms.

Our project aims to provide each user with a unique experience offering incomparable amenities, services and luxury: each apartment has a main view towards a central oasis that has a 174 yards long pool, clubhouse above the main lobby and all these added amenities: recreational gardens, infinity pool with jacuzzis, kids club, area of cabins, cafe & snack bars, spa and wellness center, bar, lounges, hammock area, spinning room, bonfire and zen garden.

Property details Presale
Location Playa del Carmen
Year Built 2018
Type Apartments
Apartments with 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms
Starting price $174,931 USDD
  • Playa Del Carmen