House and Lot for sale

House and Lot

Property:  House

Location: 5ta avenida y Calle 64 , Col. Colosio, Solidaridad, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

1 Pent-house  290 m2 with ocean view

2 apartments/2 bedrooms 145 m2 with ocean view

2 apartments/1 bedroom 75 m2

2 apartments/1 bedroom 70 m2

Possibility to build commercial premises and apartments in the available area on the fifth..
Has a beautiful terrace and botanical garden cultivated for more than 30 years by experts.

Property with 880 m2, 22 m2 on fifth avenue, 44 m2 on Calle 64.


Location: Playa Del Carmen
Type: Lot
Measurements and boundaries: 22 m2 on fifth avenue & 40 m2 on Calle 64

Land surface: 880 m2
Land use: Lot / Commercial/housing
Price: $2,000,000USD