Residential Lots For Sale in Tulum
Staring Price: $75,000 USD

Axkaba Residential Park is a Real Estate Development located in Village Tulum, in the middle of the Mayan jungle north of the city. It seeks to preserve the environment natural and dignify healthy coexistence in communion with the environment.

The development in its entirety has 22.1 hectares of residential, condominium and mixed lots, distributed harmonically in a low-density organic layout.

Underground service networks.

Main streets with median and distribution roundabouts. Organic road layout.

Automobile bearings with a soil stabilizing resin. This allows the permeability of the and does not contribute to raising the temperature because it is compacted natural soils.


· Organic and natural line that respects the trees that are within the line.
Independent wastewater treatment plant for each block, with all applicable ecological regulations.
Drinking water from the municipal network.
Constant electricity conducted underground.
Urban luminaires powered by solar cells.
Proximity cards for vehicular access as well as a strict control of visits and service vehicles.

The complex will have a series of urban regulations compiled in an internal regulation for the development of the constructions to be erected in it. This regulation Internal ensures that all construction to be carried out in the complex adheres to criteria of restrictions, densities and even finishes where the use is weighed of natural materials from the region. This seeks to preserve the value of the investment and create a healthy and harmonious natural environment.

In its design, it offers a secure set, with security booths at each access point.


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