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Live in Harmony with Nature

Beecheii is a project of 95 exclusively single-family residential plots in a total area of 7.5 hectares.

It will have a Central Walk (called “Paseo Beecheii”) with amenities: a cenote-type pool, clubhouse, yoga area, jungle gym, pet park, and playground for children. It will be fully fenced and will have controlled access as well as 24-hour security.

This entire project was designed and planned based on how to generate value at a price per m², so those who trust in this project can have SUSTAINABLE GUARANTEES TO GENERATE THEIR SURPLUS-VALUE.

95 Single-family Residential Lots from 402 to 804 m² starting at $102,075 USD
Delivery: December 2024

Reasons to Invest in Lots inside of Beecheii


Controlled access and well-distributed spaces, only 95 lots in 7.5 hectares.


Exclusive use for single-family residential. All of the amenities are shared only with 95 houses.


Located in an area of recent development and a lot of future growth potential.


Connection with nature and with oneself, appealing to a healthy lifestyle, community and eco-friendliness.


Possibility of generating money through different factors, like on pre-sale.


Underground utilities in Tulum's private communities address local deficiencies and elevate the area's sustainability.

Invest in Beecheii

Exclusive Residential Lots in Tulum: Premium Investment Opportunity

Discover the allure of Tulum, a gem on the Riviera Maya, through an unmatched investment opportunity. Our private, gated community offers exclusive residential lots, nestled amidst the natural beauty and tranquility of the region. As Tulum's real estate market thrives, securing a parcel in our community is not just an investment in land, but a forward-thinking venture into luxury, sustainability, and exponential growth potential.

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Are you looking for an investment opportunity that combines a prime location, sustainable growth, and prestige? Tulum's 5th Avenue is the ideal place for you! Located just minutes from Tulum Airport, this avenue has become the epicenter of tourism and residential development in the region.

Strategic Location:

As the first avenue you encounter when arriving from the airport, the 5th Avenue is the gateway to the magic of Tulum. Investors know that location is key, and here is where everyone wants to be.

High-Prestige Developments:

The 5th Avenue already hosts an impressive array of renowned restaurants. Moreover, it's home to some of Tulum's most exclusive residential developments, ensuring a steady flow of tourists and potential buyers for your residential lots. Guaranteed Growth: Tulum continues to grow steadily, attracting a global community of natural beauty and Mayan culture enthusiasts. The demand for residential lots on the 5th Avenue will only increase over time, making this a secure and lucrative investment.

Delivery Date August 2024

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Your property includes covered parking spaces tailored for cars and motorbikes, state-of-the-art solar panels, and a nurturing organic orchard where you can cultivate regional delicacies like papayas, bananas, and an array of local fruits and vegetables. Additional amenities feature a dedicated service area and a cozy fire pit, ideal for those starlit nights.

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A Break Down of Beecheii

residential lot tulum Residential Lot
462 m2

22 m2 front

20 m2 deep

$133,000 USD