The best areas to invest in tulum

Since being named 4th place internationally among the most popular places in 2022, Tulum is undoubtedly one of the best options for investment. According to the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, the city has shown relevant growth with respect to innovation, mobility, quality of life and investment.

The real estate market in Tulum continues to grow at an unsurpassable speed, and continues in a positive way. There is an increase in public and private investment for real estate developments, as by 2023 the city will have several changes and infrastructure improvements.
The outlook is getting brighter and brighter thanks to the two major federal infrastructure projects: the Tren Maya and the Tulum Airport. It is for these and many more reasons that we share with you the specific areas that are ideal to obtain greater capital gains.

1. La veleta
The proximity and connection to communication routes in this area, acquiring a property in La Veleta can be a great option. Located next to Federal Highway 307, access to this residential area is easy and uncomplicated. This, along with its proximity to downtown Tulum, has made it an area of interest for foreign investors.

2. Downtown
If movement and noise are not a bother for you and you prefer to invest in the city, downtown Tulum can be an interesting option. Downtown Tulum is an area to invest in with a younger market in mind, as there are plenty of bars, restaurants and night-clubs that can be found along the 307 highway that crosses the city. Although there are some Plus developments in the surrounding area, the zone is undoubtedly a residential area. To all of this, we must add a little said reality when we talk about investing in Tulum: not all of the city has, for the moment, access to complete services.

3. Aldea Zamá
Aldea Zamá, not only was Tulum's first fully urbanized area, but continues to be its only planned community. With a privileged location southeast of downtown, the Aldea Zamá area is positioned as the best in terms of distances. Based on Google Maps data, here are some travel times from Aldea Zamá: - Tour to the Archaeological Zone: 11 minutes by car, 14 minutes by bike. - Drive to the Hotel Zone and Tulum beach: 2 minutes by car, 6 minutes by bike. - Tour to Downtown Tulum: 9 minutes by car, 10 minutes by bicycle In terms of developments and lifestyle, if you are looking for a luxurious and exclusive property, Aldea Zamá is the place to invest, since 100% of the developed projects are considered Premium.
It is positioned as a key area to invest thanks to the diversification of its real estate offer.

Are you almost ready to invest in Tulum? Let's find together the option for you!

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