The real estate sector in Mexico has closed the year 2019 with great economic results.
Observable in the increase in the purchase and sale of properties in tourist areas such as Mérida or the Riviera Maya.
These returns were a consequence of the settlement of the new government in Mexico and also of the volatility suffered by the market. It is believed that thanks to these events the real estate sector will grow and maintain its attractiveness for future years. One of the most striking cities at national and international level in terms of development investment was Mérida. As well as Guadalajara and Querátaro that focused the real estate developments to the medium profile and of social and vertical interest, regions where it was not common. But what does the future of the real estate market offer us?
Much of the current real estate developments are increasingly consolidating based on a sustainable trend, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Examples of “sustainable technologies” are water collection systems, renewable energies such as solar panels or smart constructions and green certifications. The legislation of the Mexican state does not require the construction of projects with these ecological systems. Therefore, Mexico not only looks like an economically developed country but it can also be said that socially it is on a very good road. Promoting these technologies and investing in them will be a great step in helping against climate change that we suffer today.
A mixed development combines multiple uses within the same development, such as residential, office, hotel, shopping center, industrial space and community places. This striking trend dates back to ancient Rome, responding to the needs of a society in which construction spaces were scarce. For this reason, the solution was to group all services in the same space. These constructions are producing good economic, social and environmental results. Not only do they reduce the distances between work, housing and leisure spaces, they also increase the productivity of the land, optimizing the built spaces to the maximum.

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