Riviera Maya

New technologies reach all areas that one can imagine. Applications such as Booking, Airbnb or other websites specialized in the rental of real estate are the main sources of customer acquisition in areas such as Tulum. This market has become one of the most profitable for investors, also benefiting tourists who wish to spend vacations in paradises like this.
These rental options translate into any property that is invested in this strategic niche of growing tourism will be more likely to increase its value in a short period of time and can generate income on the spot thanks to the rent or subsequent sale .
Alternatives to Airbnb:
HomeAway. It is the main competitor of Airbnb worldwide, designed for vacation rentals. It has a presence in 190 different countries.
Flipkey. This company is owned by TripAdvisor. It has a presence in 179 different countries and 11,000 cities. It provides very complete information about the apartments.
Homestay. It is a fantastic application if you want to integrate into the local culture, as it connects travelers with hosts in more than 160 countries.
Housetrip. It belongs to TripAdvisor, and it is a vacation rental platform. The web defines it as the ideal alternative to staying in a hotel.
The multitude of tourists, the great diversity of options and the growth and surplus value of Tulum guarantees one of the best investment returns in the market. Any investment in this place will become a successful business.
A study by Motora Consultores, a team specialized in human development and creativity, said that 8 out of 10 investment models with higher profitability belong to the acquisition of investment models. In a period of 15 years the surplus value of these properties obtained increases of up to 685%. Investing in investment land generates benefits such as:
- Unlike houses and apartments, an investment land does not generate large maintenance costs.
-The land increases its value over time.
-Generates a high return on investment.
-Long term yields are very attractive.
-If you make a good management, ask for help from experienced professionals and know what is necessary to carry out your investment can become the best business of your life.

Do you know land in Tulum? Find out by asking our team and know all the benefits of investing in them.

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