Riviera Maya

There are places that are characterized by their people, others attract attention for their incredible beaches and many others for their cuisine, but do you know what differentiates Playa del Carmen from the rest? Very easy, Playa del Carmen has all these qualities together and not only that, we can also add a few more:
1. The people
In Playa del Carmen you can find in the same place a person from each country and that is, if there is something that really characterizes this municipality is its diversity.
It doesn't matter if you come from Asia, Europe, America or another planet, you will surely find someone who comes from the same place as you. And if you don't find it, it doesn't matter, there people will know how to make you feel at home.
The local people, the Playenses, are characterized by their hospitality, kindness and attention. They are willing to help whenever you need it, either to find an address or to advise you on the best restaurant.
2. The weather
What better weather than the one that allows you to take a pina colada while watching the sunset of the beach? Exactly none.
Playa del Carmen has an average temperature during the year that goes from 20 to 32 degrees.
Never again will you have to think which coat best suits you with the outfit you chose this morning.
3. Beaches
There are more than 150 km of coastline to choose from! But if you want to be safe, in our blog section we have a selection of TOP 6 incredible beaches that you should visit if you travel here.
The beach is the main attraction of this incredible place, they come for the beaches and stay for the beaches…
Check it out, visit them and fall in love more, if possible, with Playa del Carmen.
4. Mobility
Getting around Playa is very easy; either by bike, on foot or even by public transport.
Fifth Avenue is the most famous pedestrian street in Playa del Carmen. It is always full of life. You can enter the most luxurious store, the humblest or one of the busiest restaurants just a few steps away.
It also has several accesses to the beach and clubs such as Mamita´s Beach Club. Every corner of the Quinta will leave you speechless.
5. Closeness
The location of Playa del Carmen is ideal because from there you can visit other incredible places such as: Tulum and its archaeological zone, Cobá and Chichén Itzá, the cenotes and its crystalline waters, Cozumel, Cancún ... and many more!
All of them are very different from each other but there is one thing that unites them: being close to them and not visiting them is mortal sin.

Playa del Carmen