Riviera Maya

Preparing to enjoy a trip after living in confinement due to the coronavirus health contingency, national and international travelers focus their attention on Quintana Roo. One of the common spaces that they consider visiting is Cancun, however, there are other destinations in the Riviera Maya that also want to know and enjoy the natural wealth they possess.
In order to forget the isolation caused by the covid-19, thousands of tourists living in large cities want and look for places with sea or lagoons. Swimming and coming into contact with water is an experience that they want to enjoy in the reactivation of their normality.
This island is distinguished for being extremely quiet. Without vehicular traffic, only with bicycles and boats to get around, it is recommended to spend a couple of days disconnected from any technology. The calm provided by its surroundings is what attracts tourists from all over the world.
Its beautiful lagoon of seven different blue tones and various depths is a natural wonder frequented by those who intend to be in a unique place. Its wooden swings to refresh your legs and contemplate the landscape are famous. Around it there are vestiges of buildings built in the period of the Conquest.
Two hours from Chetumal, capital of Quintana Roo, is located this small fishing village with beaches that shine with their coral reefs. It also maintains a link with Mayan history because it houses ancient pre-Hispanic ruins such as the Chacchobeh archaeological zone.
For relaxation, what is called relaxation, here you have to stop. Besides, it is a favorable place for you to start diving if you still don't, or the sea scares you. In case you are afraid of not knowing how to swim, this is a fabulous corner to start doing it because it has low beaches and snorkeling.
This nature reserve was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It is one of the most cared for Mexican corners for its value and species preservation. That is why security is extreme, both to protect the space and its visitors, who can access its crystal clear waters with the supervision of specialized guides.

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