Riviera Maya

Medical services abroad are becoming more and more expensive, due to this the doctors Mexican specialists have gained greater fame for their contributions to medicine and science, Today medical tourism has gained relevance in the Riviera Maya.
Based on numbers from the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), in 2015 the presence of more doctors was obtained in Mexico specialists than general and family doctors (65% vs 35%, respectively), a figure similar to that of other countries of this organization such as the United Kingdom (ME = 71.4% vs MG = 28.6%).
In Mexico, older adults form a group that is growing rapidly and it is estimated, by 2050, the elderly will represent 27% of the population.
Elements such as specialized care at a lower price and high quality standards in the services are the tourist attractions that the Riviera Maya has. These factors make it on the search list of people who seek retirement in this paradise for their health. for The Riviera Maya will become a leader in medical tourism, it already has advantages over other destinations, one of them is the connection it has with the international airport of Cancun, in addition, currently the Medical Tourism Association of the Riviera Maya A.C. is working in the formation of a robust and united cluster that carries out actions in favor of the promotion of this type of tourism.
Thinking about all this, residential complexes began to be developed in the area. With everything what is necessary to live and made up of hospitals of medical specialties within them.
Finally, it should be said that there are innovative projects with social and environmental benefits that complement the urban environment of the Riviera Maya that will allow residents and users have a totally different lifestyle due to the highly elaborated services with the that will tell about the developments in the area.

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