Riviera Maya

During 2020, several sectors have been affected, and the market real estate has not been the exception, the above due to the situation that is lived by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Mateo Turanzas, Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation of the marketing company real estate, I want a house, when an analysis is made by segment, the reality is different.
For example, housing has shown its variables, because there are different products that are of different prices; the director expressed in interview for Inmobiliare that the segment of up to 2 million pesos it grew 32% this year, compared to 2019; while that of 2 to 4 million it increased 3%; and from 4 million upwards it had a decrease of almost 70 percent.
“One of the first revelations this year was that the segment of up to 2 million pesos had a continuous absorption, people continued looking for a house and closing transactions, even during the first months of Covid-19. In the case of Quiero Casa, you had enough product of that price and the reality is that we are having a successful year in terms of absorption versus last year ”.
He also highlighted that in the capital of the country an important phenomenon to consider has been noted, "the product below one million 200 pesos it is disappearing, which is a pity because there is a large number of the population that is aspiring to have that home ”; director He also mentioned that people look for their properties to be close to transport and to have the necessary services and above all to be of quality.
Due to the current crisis, “many real estate companies stopped, therefore there are many projects that are going to start to stop their construction and companies that they are bankrupt they will disappear; then there is a certain doubt and concern of the client ”.

Playa del Carmen