Riviera Maya

The tourist corporate Best Day Travel Group, thanks to its BD Experience business line, will provide clients who require PCR tests in its catalog of products and services due to the request of several countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and the United States. These countries require test results from international travelers returning to their respective countries. for Updating to the new needs that arise in times of COVID-19, Best Day has negotiated with laboratories in Cancun and the Riviera Maya to that the prices of these tests can be cheaper and also accessible in the hotel's own facilities. In this way the client who If you want to take this test, avoid investing the time involved in looking for certified laboratories or traveling to them. for The directors of this company support at all times that their clients travel with the necessary security measures so that they can enjoy of a unique experience and in an environment of trust. This new incentive provides great added value to companies that decide to carry out these sanitary practices. for According to the guidelines issued by the governments of the countries that regulate the presentation of said test, it must be carried out 72 hours before the trip maximum. for The methodology that Best Day Experience offers its clients in order to meet this requirement is to schedule an appointment with the laboratory certified doctor from the moment the traveler arrives at the destination. Once the traveler fills in his data in the form that is facilitates and where the required time to perform your test is indicated, the laboratory schedules the appointment at the hotel with its conditioned mobile unit and accompanied by a nurse and a biologist pharmaceutical chemist. In a period of less than 24 hours the result is sent via email to the patient.

Playa del Carmen