Riviera Maya

In the middle of the jungle, close to nature, Holistika was born. The perfect place to heal, explore and reflect. Holistika is a boutique hotel, holistic center and community space for those looking to transform from within.

The goal of this yoga center is for you to connect with yourself and like-minded people. Holistika creates the perfect place to disconnect and connect surrounded by nature with the best workshops, activities and daily yoga classes.

In this spiritual space you can organize a retreat to share your knowledge, facilitate growth and healing. Whether in a group or alone, the space invites you to take time for yourself and heal.

The hotel has 24 magical rooms in the middle of the jungle, each designed to recharge the body, mind and soul.

The facilities are perfect for deepening your self-exploration practice: the shalas for yoga, in the dome you will feel how your body experiences sound healing, meditations, ceremonies and other events. In the pools you can cool off, submerge and relax. In the vegan restaurant you can enjoy a healthy diet while enjoying incredible views.

Other activities that Holistika offers are hatha, vinyasa, kundalini to acro yoga, relax with therapists to lighten your load and accompany you on the path of healing, be part of ceremonies such as temazcal, cocoa ceremony and Sonic experience.

Playa del Carmen