Riviera Maya

In Mexico and in the world, vacation rentals are a lodging alternative that has become popular in the real estate and tourism sector. Today, the use of vacation rental accommodations is a trend, even in buildings that have been built for the sole purpose of commercialization.

Unlike hotels, vacation rentals give us a greater opportunity to find accommodations that better suit our tastes and needs, since it is easier to choose among the different styles, designs, decoration and amenities they offer.

This option, in addition to offering greater privacy and a feeling of home, offers affordable costs, compared to hotels.

The rental of vacation properties in highly touristic places has become a business opportunity for those who invest in the real estate sector and Mexico has always stood out worldwide thanks to the high levels of national and international tourism in the main destinations of the country, including the Riviera Maya.

This business model has been maintained and continues to grow over the years thanks to digital platforms that make it easier for investors to rent their property, earning up to three times more than a long-term rental.

The Riviera Maya has become a powerhouse for vacation rentals, occupancy has increased up to 78% during the Easter period alone (through Airbnb), surpassing other popular destinations such as Havana, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City.

Si estás interesado en invertir para alquilar y aprovechar la rentabilidad de un inmueble en esta región de alta plusvalía, te invitamos a conocer nuestros desarrollos.

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