Riviera Maya

Due to the pandemic and with work from home forced, some lucky ones were able to extend their vacations, working from a desk in front of the sea and the beaches of some tropical paradise like the Mexican Caribbean, many of them became the pioneers that marked the beginning of a new lifestyle, realizing the incredible advantages of working from anywhere, most people started to look for homes not only further away from the big city, but also closer to nature.

In the last year real estate related keywords in internet browsers for Mexico skyrocketed, registering an impressive 60% jump.
This surge in interest in Mexico solidifies its reputation as the most popular place for second home buyers.
The top five most attractive locations for homebuyers are Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Belize.

Mexico remains the favorite destination for foreigners looking for vacation homes.

As was the case last year, Mexico remains the number one vacation destination and second home location for Americans in particular. Home seekers not only envision their next vacation home, but also a more joyful lifestyle and their own piece of paradise.
After the 60% increase, the number of monthly searches for keywords related to buying real estate in the country surpassed 132,000. In dream locations such as Puerto Vallarta, Tulum or Cabo San Lucas, previously the three most searched destinations within the country were Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel de Allende and Cabo San Lucas. But, in the last year, the three most desirable locations were Puerto Vallarta, Tulum and San Miguel.

Playa del Carmen