Riviera Maya

5th Avenue is the backbone of Playa del Carmen's nightlife. This is where the magic begins, all its restaurants come to life at night and any bar becomes the ideal place to start a perfect evening.

The fun on this famous avenue never ends, and from the moment you start walking on it, you are infected with its extraordinary and relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by so much live music of all genres and styles, from DJ's, rock bands, acoustic, salsa, to mariachi.

Walking along 5th Avenue you will notice a great variety of commercial and business plazas, where you can find department stores, tequila and mezcal tastings, exclusive boutiques, jewelry stores, bars and restaurants with food from different parts of the world, from Mexican, Italian, Moroccan, to Thai.

The 5th does not sleep at night, you will notice that there are different streets in which you will not see movement at certain times of the day, such as 12th Street, because, until the sun goes down and the moon shines, some of the main nightclubs in the area start to come to life.

This avenue is so versatile that you can be surprised with shows of street artists, fire jugglers, hip hop dancers, characters with whom you can take pictures, such as "The mask", "Iron Man" captain "Jack Sparrow" etc.. Of course, you can not miss the art, lots of art, streets with paintings of different styles, murals, graffiti, crafts, jazz bands, playing at the entrance of Calle Corazon. Without a doubt, this is an avenue you can't miss on your next trip to Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen