Xcaret Riviera Maya

People in Mexico City will remember the billboards on different avenues that read: "When you go to Xcaret, be sure to visit Cancun". Miguel Quintana Pali is the founder, and today, one of the most innovative and recognized tourism entrepreneurs in the country and the world.
He defines himself as a "parquero", since in 1991 he decided to sell Pali, a place where he sold design products, famous for its lamps, to dedicate himself and his partners to the development of Xcaret Park, which was officially inaugurated in December 1990 and, as we all know, is today one of the most important destinations in Quintana Roo.
Grupo Xcaret brings together different concepts such as Xel-Ha, Xoximilco, Xavage, Xenses and Xplor, as well as tours to places like Chichen Itza and Tulum, receiving almost 50 million visitors throughout its history. Today it continues to expand into other businesses within the tourism industry, such as Hotel Xcaret Mexico, inaugurated in 2017 and currently registering an average annual occupancy of 85% with the arrival of more than 586,000 guests. Among its unique attractions is the show called "Mexico Espectacular" which has been seen by 22.5 million people in more than 10,000 presentations involving Papantla flyers, ball game players, singers, mariachis, pre-Hispanic dancers, horsemen, charros and amazons.

It is important to highlight that Xcaret has also carried out different social work, from supporting neighboring communities to rescuing scarlet macaws, turtles, pink flamingos and jaguars.
Quintana Pali "The Architect" as he is known to those close to him, currently has in mind the creation of a new park that is dedicated to sustainability, operating with its own wind and solar energy. In his most recent parks, Xenses and Xavage, you can appreciate architectural designs and more elaborate attractions, such as the anti-gravity ride or an artificial fast river, which represents taking creativity and engineering to the limit, but always taking advantage of the resources they have. Grupo Xcaret's future projects include large excavations for tunnels and rivers. "With the machinery we have used to date, it is not possible for us to build these parks, but we have already investigated new, more efficient and faster machinery," he says.

What makes the difference For Quinta Pali, the Xcaret Group's concept continues to be a success because they dared to do different things in a tourist destination as important as Quintana Roo. The businessman assures that there is nothing in the world equal to Grupo Xcaret's offer, such as the concept they baptized "all fun inclusive", which includes lodging at the hotel and access to all its parks and tours. Likewise, they have been so innovative that, throughout their history, they have been promoters of legislation and procedures that did not exist before, such as those related to ecology.

They cooperate with tourism development Xcaret is proof that in destinations such as the Riviera Maya, not everything should be a "sun and beach" concept, but there is room for other types of experiences. Grupo Xcaret also works to support local suppliers and those from neighboring states, which also has an impact on activities such as local agriculture and handicrafts.

To continue growing The growth of Grupo Xcaret does not stop, and the proof is that they are now building a second hotel with 63 boutique rooms. Extending throughout the Yucatan Peninsula is another of the objectives that Quintana Pali and Grupo Xcaret have in mind.

The secret is to take risks To young entrepreneurs, Quintana Pala recommends taking risks, taking advantage of the unrepeatable situation they live in. "There are people who have ideas, but don't take the plunge. To them I recommend that they develop a methodology to turn them into reality". He says that entrepreneurs must do things differently, uniquely and better to succeed, something that is very possible in today's age.

His book "Xueños: The story behind Xcaret, the best park in the world" is already in bookstores and also in electronic and audiobook format.

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