Xcaret Riviera Maya

Thanks to the advent of the internet and social networks, world tourism has grown significantly in recent years. This is due to the vast information that is constantly shared, the thousands of options and alternatives that have opened a world of possibilities, and affordable prices for different pockets, this makes anyone who wants to, travel.

So, as we know, tourism has become a great industry, but what about being able to travel and at the same time collaborate with the development of the local economy? This is called "Sustainable Tourism".
Practically, sustainable tourism focuses on 3 important things: the traveler, society, and the environment. A different kind of tourism that cares about providing travelers with the same great experiences, but taking into account and respecting the environment, is totally opposed to tourism activities that involve animals and also helps the local economy grow by contributing to the development of communities without harming their identity and culture.

Conventional tourism on average only injects 14% of its turnover into the local economy, while sustainable tourism, reaches up to 65%.
The time has come to be a responsible traveler and put sustainable tourism into practice, since in addition to having an unforgettable experience you will help the local economy of the place where you go.

Playa del Carmen