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One of the activities that we enjoy the most nowadays is traveling, there will be many people who do not agree and think that it is an unnecessary expense, that it would be better to save to be able to buy material things, such as a car or new clothes, however, you have to know that giving ourselves and our eyes the opportunity to see and know new places, give us experiences, experiences, learn about other cultures will make us much happier.

According to several scientific studies, traveling brings you happiness. Many times we get confused with the immediate pleasure that comes from buying a material good and that, after a few hours or a few days it disappears, in the end what really will always remain in our memories and makes our lives happier is acquiring new experiences.

Don't you think so? Here we will tell you 5 empirical reasons why this is so.

Forget about routine

Traveling takes you away from your daily routine, from the stress of everyday life, from work, chores, pending tasks, it makes your brain relax and enjoy new emotions, different from what it is used to.

You can always do different things to break your routine, like going out with friends, taking a different route to the one you normally use to go to work, but in the end they don't give you the same happiness as a trip.

Renew your emotions

That illusion of getting to know new places, tasting other flavors, getting to know new cultures, making new friends... Traveling in itself is already an adventure, no matter if it is in your own city or in another country, it is exciting, and behind any trip there are always unforgettable memories, that is why when we remember or talk about our trips we feel excited and we are transported to those moments.

Gain confidence in yourself.

When we travel, many times we encounter unforeseen events or obstacles that make us leave our comfort zone, which makes us gain experience in dealing with those problems, returning home with more confidence in ourselves, making us feel that we are stronger and that we can more easily solve any problem that comes our way. Also, as a foreigner we often have to adapt to other climates, other cultures, other ways of thinking, and in the end this makes us more tolerant and adaptable to change.

Create new anecdotes

And it is after an incredible trip that we like to share our anecdotes, videos and photographs of the places we have visited, which makes us feel much better than showing our friends the car, the clothes or the new furniture we have bought. As the saying goes, "If something good happens to you, travel to celebrate. If something bad happens to you, travel to forget. If nothing happens to you, travel, so that something happens to you".

It has been scientifically proven that in the long run traveling will make you much happier than those brand name clothes or that luxury car you intended to buy. So the next time you think or are told that you are wasting your money on going on vacation, now you can answer that traveling does not mean wasting your money, but investing it in your happiness.

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