Riviera Maya

Climate change combined with the hand of man has led to seas and marine species suffer damages. This has led to tourist destinations around the world implement measures and initiatives to contribute to the care of the planet. One of them is Quintana Roo, a paradise that through promoting ecofriendly tourism involves national and foreign visitors as factors of change in the protection of the environment and natural wealth.

Among the ecofriendly solutions that are raised and observed in different tourist sites of the Mexican Caribbean.
Organic bag
The most frequent in many tourists is the rest in the sand after swimming in the sea. To relax they are accompanied by a canned beverage or glass container, or maybe with a cigar. In this case, in order to prevent the waste (cans, cigarette butts, lids) from being left in the sand, visitors are encouraged to carry their bags to deposit their waste there.
Ecological blocker
It is an easy product to find in pharmacies and supermarkets. Using it is of vital importance for both the health of people and the seas, because the usual chemical blockers damage corals due to the formation of layers that bleach them, which means that they become useless elements for their ecosystem.
Non-motorized vehicles
One of the most visited paradises in the state of Quintana Roo is Holbox, where only the use of a bicycle is allowed to approach beach areas. This transportation and mobilization measure is due to the carbon dioxide emissions released by the engines as part of global warming that harms tropical regions.
Green agents
In the Riviera Maya, the municipalities that comprise this region of the Mexican Caribbean have ecological programs that involve the national or foreign visitor as an active participant. One of the proposals is to exchange your paper or glass waste for a plant that you can donate to the local community so that the flora continues to reproduce.
Biodegradable products
For those who choose to choose Airbnb for vacation, property owners establish recommendations and rules for ecology from the place where you stay. For example, do the cleaning as follows: no chlorine, muriatic acid and soda. Therefore it is suggested to look in the supermarket to look for non-polluting hygiene items.

Joining tourism ecofriendly is not difficult, everything is a matter of good attitude and respect towards the species that inhabit the paradises that are visited. Quintana Roo puts the sample.
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