Condos for sale starting at $173,000 USD

The 38th Street of Playa del Carmen, a favorite place to live

Currently the Riviera Maya is one of the natural lungs of the planet most frequented by national and international tourism to relax temporarily, but at the same time it is a permanent home for those who transform their savings into equity investment and thus enjoy the rest of their lives in the Mexican Caribbean.

Another of the main attractions that Playa del Carmen has is the famous Fifth Avenue, a huge tourist hall where bars, restaurants, discos and a cutting-edge shopping center known as Quinta Alegría are concentrated. Streets and alleys connect with the different beaches that comprise the extension of this avenue, which gives it a modernist touch combined with the natural wealth around.

And it is precisely at one end of Fifth Avenue where Calle 38 is located, a luxury boutique condominium located in the best area of Playa del Carmen. Is about a cosmopolitan development that provides all the comforts thanks to its excellent design location and services it has. Its first level style generates a high degree of comfort and quality of life.

Calle 38 Condo starting at $173,000 USD

90m2 Finished Condos at Presale Price

Harmony and tranquility are guaranteed with:
· 24 hour surveillance lobby
· Two pools
· Roof garden
· Gym
· Lounge
· Concierge and covered parking.

¡Everything you need to enjoy the peace that the Mexican Caribbean offers in the Riviera Maya!

Calle 38 is a development with various options of spaces to be acquired as equity and make the investment of those who acquire one of them profitable.

Luxury condos from $173,000 USD up to $288,000 USD according to the type of department, which it can be with one bedroom or two, with garden or without garden, 90m2 up to 191m2 , the investor transforms his capital into a remunerable and profitable Future with decent quality of life.

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