House and Lot

House and Lot for sale

Construction: 865m2
Type: Lot / Commercial/housing
Measurements: 22 m2 on fifth avenue & 44 m2 on Calle 64
Land surface: 880 m2
Price: $2,000,000 dlls

Unique residencial lot for sale

Large Land for Sale

Location: Playa Del Carmen
Type: Lot
Measurements and boundaries: 60m long on 1st Av. & 100m long on 40 Street

Land surface: 6,000 m2
Land use: residential
Valor de Venta: 3,000 USD/m2

Lot for sale

Land for Sale

Measurment: Front 10m Back 22m
Surface: 220 m2
Land use: Housing/commercial
Construction: 1 local y 3 rooms.
Price $350,000 USD

Lot for sale in playa del carmen

Land for Sale

Construction: 3 floors y 7 rooms.
Type: Lot / Commercial/housing
Measurments: Front 10m Back 22m
Land surface: 220 m2
Price: $660,000 dlls

avenue lot sale

Avenue lot Sale

Measurements and boundaries: 22m towards Quinta Av. Norte 30m towards Av. CTM
Surface: 660 m2
Land use: commercial/housing

Price $2,500,000 USD

Lot for sale

Huge Lot for sale

Location: Calle 44 entre Av. 40 y Av. 45 , Col. Zazil Ha, Solidaridad, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo
Head of apple
Surface:  1032.24M2
Price 1,000USD /M2

Corner Lot for Sale

Corner Lot for Sale

50m long on 30th Avenue and 60m long on 1 st street Corner
Land surface: 3,000 m2
Price: 1000dlls/m2