Quinta Avenida Norte esquina Avenida CTM

Last lot in one of the most important areas of Playa del Carmen, on Fifth Avenue corner with Av. CTM, avenue with a lot of potential to develop commercial premises, condo-hotel, or corporate offices.
CTM Av. connects to the Federal Highway, 400 MTS from the beach, with luxury developments in its surroundings. Located in Colonia Zazil-has considered the golden Zone of Playa del Carmen.

Lot for sale playa del carmen


Location: Playa Del Carmen
Type: Lot
Measurments and boundaries: 22m towards Quinta Av. Norte 30m towards Av. CTM
Land surface: 667 m2
Land use: commercial/housing
Valor de Venta: 4,000dlls/m2
Price: $2,400,000 dlls

Lot For Sale
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